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Chowda Champ

Chef Carlos Pareja

Make way for the Chowder King! The winner for the 2nd annual Chowda Fest on April 21 at the GSUĀ Plaza has been announced today. Carlos Pareja of the Shelton Hall is the winner after battling it out with seven other chefs from BU’s various dining halls.

Using all organic, local produce and sustainable seafood, Pareja’s Classic New England Clam Chowder was a delicious blend of potatoes, seafood stock, onions and peppers with extra cream and thyme – all cooked to tasteful perfection.

Pareja won following a staggering total of 515 votes cast on a gusty afternoon, mainly by the BU community.

Some comments the Dining Services received were:
“Consumed too much Chowda on Comm Ave”
“Just had the best time at the Chowda Fest”
“Chowda in front of GSU sooooo good”
“thanks Dining for the Chowd”
“just had my 12th cup of Chowda, awesome”
“I love BU for this Chowda”

Shelton Hall, having the smallest dining hall in the campus, now has a huge reason to boast!