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BU’s Green Trail

The days when BU was awarded a dismal grade D in sustainability by an environmental organization are not too long ago. The memory from 2007 should be fresh in mind. But BU’s green initiatives, starting 2006, are a crash course in sustainability bearing a tremendous turnaround so that we never have to look back. For two years straight BU has secured a position on the top 5 Massachusetts colleges in various categories of RecycleMania nationwide college competition. Boston University has come a long way. Follow its green journey in this short span of time on the timeline by clicking here.


Green Dining at Warren Towers

Parents and students concerned about beating the Freshman 15 can rest assured. Boston University has made its eating options healthier, thanks to the green menu offered at the Warren Towers dining hall. A lot of the produce used for cooking is organic, locally grown and sustainable.

The Dining Services Sustainability Coordinator Sabrina Harper gave us a tour of the dining hall, the behind-the-scene kitchen action and the rarely seen waste storage at the Warren Towers. Check it out here in the slide show.